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Spot the Signs: Tom’s Interview

It’s time for our latest campaign video reveal! In this video we delve deeper into Tom’s insights regarding mental health within the construction industry.

Tom plays a pivotal role in the core structure of Orbit Homes. As a manager, he possesses experience in overseeing and caring for a team of individuals. Over the years, he has taken on the responsibility of guiding, supporting, and understanding the needs of his team members. Giving him unique insights into the intricacies that mental health brings to this industry. As an advocate for mental health initiatives, we really value his perspective on the topic. Take a look at his interview below: 

What is your job role?

I am a Senior Site Manager.

How long have you been working in the industry?

For over 16 years.

Can you tell me about a challenging experience you’ve faced with mental ill-health?

Worry, stress and pressure at work lead to a lack of sleep and deterioration of my own mindset due to deadline completions and a lack of support from my employer. Since then, I have overcome this. This experience has made it easier for me when speaking to people who are suffering from mental health whilst trying to get them to accept help. 

How would you like to see things change in the industry to raise more awareness for those struggling with their mental health? 

At Orbit we currently have a BUTTY & BREW open forum for the contractors to come in and talk about their experiences dealing with and spotting the signs for mental health (a safe space for everyone to talk freely). It would be nice to see this type of thing being rolled out across the industry on other construction sites too.

Why do you think this campaign is so important? 

This is a subject that is not talked about enough. As the nature of the industry is very masculine I believe that we don’t talk about our problems. It can be seen as a weakness. But a problem shared is a problem halved.

Take a look at our social media platforms (Instagram and LinkedIn) to watch Tom’s full video interview. As we press on with our Spot the Signs campaign, we’ll be unveiling more video testimonials featuring individuals sharing their personal experiences on this crucial topic. We encourage you to join the conversation and share your own experiences because, as Tom wisely stated, “a problem shared is a problem halved.”