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Fuel Supply

Need regular and reliable fuel supply? You’ve come to the right place. Rockthorn can supply and deliver the fuel you need for your all your machinery, generators and vehicles as part of a tailored arrangement, one-off basis or a regular delivery schedules. 

Fast and reliable delivery

We can deliver thousands of litres of fuels including standard and conventional fuel, red diesel and white diesel to customers and sites all over the UK. Regardless of what you need, Rockthorn can supply you with fuel with reliable and on time delivery.

Fuel types

Standard & conventional

We offer high quality standard and conventional fuel delivered straight to you, wherever in the UK you find yourself. Simply contact us and we will sort out the right fuel solutions for your site.


As well as standard and conventional fuel products, we’re able to supply “greener” alternative fuels to businesses that are leading by example towards more sustainable fuel options.


We can help you monitor your fleets fuel consumption with our fuel management systems. Helping to lower your fuel costs and improve your fuel efficiency.

Fuel supplied, wherever you are in the UK

Ordering construction fuel for your site has never been easier. We can delivery 1000s of litres of fuel to sites all over the county and our experts are experienced to  help advise and recommend fuel types and delivery frequency to help keep your site and project moving as smoothly as possible.

When you contact Rockthorn, you deal with an expert that will go above and beyond to make sure you get the fuel you need at the right time, at the right price at an unbeatable price, which is why we’re the chosen by contractors and developers all across the country.