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Lighting and Power Generation

Keep powering on, with our towable or static generators for hire. Our high quality equipment will keep you powered throughout your project, ideal for use on construction sites. Our lighting accessories will ensure the surroundings are well lit and visible. It’s time to light up your world and power up with our lighting and power accessories for hire.

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3KVA Generator

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6 KVA Generator

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11 KVA Generator

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20 KVA Generator

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VT1 Lighting Tower

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VT1 Lighting Tower

Power Up Your Projects

General uses of generators include construction site set up, events such as weddings or any outdoor events concerts and much more.

Most sites require power and lighting to ensure the project runs smoothly without any disruptions due to a power outage (Generators are used to site prior to being connected to the grid, rather than a back up). It’s also vital to have sufficient lighting, especially for those working during the night or even when the days get darker in the winter. It is important for the site to remain well lit at all times so your project adheres to all health and safety regulations.

Our range of Tower Lights are easy to use and easy to move around your site. Our Tower Lights for hire are ideal for any construction site, any roadworks, outdoor events, archaeological sites and more. Keep your project on time by providing optimal conditions with great lighting where there isn’t sufficient sunlight.

In addition to the lighting accessories we have for hire, our power accessories will ensure that your project remains powered from start to finish. Ranging from 3KVA to 100 KVA Generators, we have the suitable power accessories for your site.

If you’re needing a small tool power generator, our 3KVA Generator is ideal, small and compact for easy transportation. It won’t let you down. Or perhaps you’re looking for something with a little more versatility? Then our 6KVA Generator will power multiple tools or a small office, offering just a little more oomph.

Our 11 KVA Generator is the perfect small site generator. This generator can power multiple static units, from offices to canteens your welfare facilities will never be without power. If you want something a little more extreme, then our 20KVA Generator is definitely the way to go. This generator can power multiple static units, much like the 11 KVA, but on a whole other level. For power and lighting accessories for hire, Rockthorn have you covered.

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