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Carly in construction gear

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Spot the Signs: Carly’s Interview

We are thrilled to announce that our Mental Health Spot the Signs campaign is now in full swing! Over the next month (and beyond), we’ll be unveiling a series of engaging interview-style campaign videos. Allow us to introduce you to Carly, the first of our featured interviewees in this remarkable campaign.

You may already be familiar with Carly from our previous campaign, ‘Women Rock Construction.’ In her role as a Health and Safety Consultant, Carly’s daily responsibilities involve frequent visits to multiple construction sites, bringing her into contact with a diverse group of site workers. Given her unique perspective, we were eager to hear Carly’s insights regarding mental health within the industry. After spending a day filming on-site, here are her thoughts and reflections:

What is your job role?

I am a Health and Safety Consultant at SHE Advises Ltd.

How many people do you see and work with day-to-day in your job role?

It varies from 5 people to 100! I can visit multiple clients and sites in one day.

As you see so many people, how has this meant you have experienced mental ill health in the industry? 

One of my biggest passions is talking to people and engaging with them on a personal level; sometimes when I am visiting my clients and carrying out site audits, I have had workers talk to me about their own issues that they are struggling with. For example, asking the question “how are you doing?” or “are you okay?” encourages people to talk and open up. I have had many conversations with people in my career about their own struggles, varying from financial worries, work stress and personal issues going on at home.

How would you like to see things change in the industry to raise more awareness for those struggling with their mental health? 

I would love to see more training provided by employers to their employees on how to spot the signs of those struggling with poor mental health, as well as provisions being put in place to support their employees when they are struggling. Lastly, I would love to see a change in culture, which I appreciate will take time, to break that stigma surrounding talking about poor mental health.

Why do you think this campaign is so important? 

It is still SUCH a taboo topic; there is often a very hardy and tough stigma surrounding the construction industry, and that perhaps talking about mental health is perceived as a weakness. This needs to change.

For a more in-depth exploration of Carly’s perspective on mental health within the industry, we invite you to watch her video on our Instagram and Linkedin. Be sure to stay connected for upcoming updates and Q&A sessions as part of our Spot the Signs campaign, dedicated to bringing a much-needed shift in attitudes toward mental health within the construction industry.