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Rockthorn partners with Historic England

We are proud to announce our partnership with Historic England. Historic England plays a key role in preserving England’s historic heritage, including: buildings, monuments, battlefields, parks, gardens and shipwrecks. Their aim is to preserve a historic environment that people can connect with and pass on to future generations, because buildings deserve to be preserved. 

There are historic buildings all around us, “of England’s population, 99% live within a mile of a listed building or place” (Historic England). It’s up to us to protect them and this is at the heart of what Historic England does. They not only care for England’s historic environment but also revitalise neglected buildings and places too. But why should we care about them? 

Preserving the irreplaceable

Preserving old buildings and sites is not only great for educational purposes but put simply, they can never be replaced. Many have distinct features and a unique character that cannot be recreated today; just imagine doing all that hard graft without decent machinery or even scaffolding. If that doesn’t mean they should be preserved then what does!

Attracting tourists

Historical sites reflect the past but can also benefit us today by attracting more people to the local area. They are a talking point and often represent something important to that particular place, whether that be a specific time in history, event or milestone. They’re also really impressive to look at and when visiting these sites you can really get a feel for what it was like back then. 

Unlock the stories of the past

Fancy time travelling? Nothing says travel back in time more than historical places. History is much more than just records of the past, it tells the story of us as humans. Historic buildings and places can help unlock the stories behind our heritage and why things are the way they are today. They provide a physical link to the past and can help bring people together, revealing things about culture and traditions that you could have never even imagined and how they have developed since then. 

It’s safe to say we are very passionate about archaeology which is why our partnership with Historic England just made sense. We are proud to support archaeological work and are on-hand to provide the necessary machinery to preserve the historic environment. Whether that’s a 10.5m telescopic handler to reach new heights or 3 tonne excavator to dig deep. Our operators understand the intricacies of what goes into preserving structural buildings with nothing short of expert delicacy and a steady hand! 

Need to hire some equipment to preserve your historical sites? At Rockthorn we have a lot of experience in providing hire to the archaeological sector, with a wide range of quality machinery for all your specific project needs. We can also provide a skilled operator too. Call us on 0330 118 5030 or email us at