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Rockthorn are ISO Certified!

We are excited to announce that we have passed our ISO certification, which is a fairly big deal if you ask us. But why is it a big deal you ask? Well, an ISO certification is internationally recognised. By passing our certification we have proven that we are ensuring not only the quality, but the safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.

There are many reasons a business should consider getting an ISO certification, these include but are not limited to:

  1. Satisfying customer requirements
  2. Clearly communicating your businesses processes
  3. Improving your operating consistency 
  4. Improving business efficiency 
  5. Reducing waste
  6. Saving money 
  7. Gaining international recognition

Below we have given a little more information about which certifications we have received and what these actually mean. 

ISO 45001: Health and safety management standard

One of the most important things to consider in a business is the health and safety of your team, which is why we took it upon ourselves to work towards, and achieve, the ISO 45001 certification. With this certification, we are recognised as a safe and healthy workplace. 

Some of the main things we have achieved through this certification include being recognised as a workplace committed to safety, with a safe working environment which we can share with all companies we come to work with.

ISO 14001: Environmental management

We are dedicated to going above and beyond the industry norms to make sure we are effectively managing our environmental impact whilst actively looking for what else we can do to achieve this. That is why we have the ISO 14001 certification, so that we have access to practical tools to manage our environmental responsibilities.

We have worked to more efficiently use our resources and reduce waste, which we will continue to do with this certification and the continual support for improvement. The aim of this certification is to reduce as much waste as possible, whether that be by using more renewable energy sources or training employees to be mindful of their excess, this certification helps individual businesses map out a plan of action on how to best manage waste.

When you hire your plant through us you can rest assured that we are striving to measure and improve our environmental impact.

ISO 9001: Quality management 

This certification recognises a company that consistently ensures that their customers receive high quality products and services. Achieving this certification means that here at Rockthorn we are proven to meet customer requirements as well as their statutory and regulatory requirements.

We wanted to improve the quality of our services so that we can continue to consistently meet our customers’ expectations. We are using this standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer requirements.

If you hadn’t guessed already, the primary focus of quality management is all about the customer. We know that our customers are what keeps our wheels turning, so with this certification, we are proud to meet and exceed customer expectations.

So there we have it, these are the three certifications we have been working hard to achieve. We are always looking for ways to be leaders in the construction industry and this is just the beginning. We have lots of plans to help our business boom (lift) so stay tuned to find out what we construct next.