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Planting ahead of the game

As experts in the plant hire industry, we have good knowledge surrounding the industry, that’s why we’re often the go to for all things plant. Our expert knowledge means we can keep you updated on any changes within the industry. With this in mind, we’re predicting quite a busy year for plant hire. Large sellers of plant equipment are closing their books, due to supply issues caused by instances within the last couple of years. But what does that mean for plant hire? Well, it likely means a huge boom in demand for plant hire. With people who would have bought the equipment having no choice but to opt for hire, this means a huge increase in the requirement for machinery. But if there is one thing that we will drive home it is to hire your machinery now! Planning ahead of the game is a necessity, especially as once this boom detonates it will be hard to get your hands on plant machinery that is essential to your project. Lucky for you, we’re the one stop shop for all things plant.

A plant hire panic

I know we are all tired of hearing about it now, and we are sorry to bring it up! But the events of 2020/2021 have been a major contributor to the shortage of part supply and it is slowly starting to make our industry have a mini panic of its own. Because of the shortage in supply, it is becoming increasingly harder for all sized companies, from large excavators to mini diggers, through to an inability to source parts to construct any new machinery. During the last couple of years factories were closing, people were isolating but the demand for construction machinery was as high as ever and the factories were struggling to keep up… causing a dumper of a backlog! 

Brexcavator attachments

It doesn’t matter which path you chose, in or out, we are jumping on a twin drum ride on roller to flatten out both paths because we are all in this together! Brexit has had a large impact on the supply chain and let’s face it, it couldn’t have come at a worse time paired with recent events globally! There has been confusion over import and export tariffs, long border queues and delays that have all caused another dumper of a backlog for these well needed parts.

Lead times for new machinery are quoted at being “longer than 19 weeks, vastly reducing flexibility in every component market” (Jabil). With this news striking panic into many site workers a lot of them are already making their way to plant hire, which is slowly putting plant hire under the lighting tower! With the focus slowly turning on hiring machinery we would suggest selector grabbing your plant machinery with us now before there are no power generators left to power your project.

The impact of the points above on plant sales has been sizeable. Well known companies in the industry are having to close their books as they don’t have enough supply to provide to customers with the high demand at the moment. With this huge reduction in plant sales hiring is the way to go, with the machinery ready and raring to go it is as simple as booking the equipment you need!

Here at Rockthorn we like to view the industry from one of our boom lifts. Keeping a bird’s eye view on the industry affords us forward thinking, and with the above in mind about a boom in plant hire, then it is certainly worth booking your machinery now! We supply plant hire around the country so plant ahead of the game with us and book your machinery today. Or, if you’re unsure of the right equipment for the job, enquire today on 0330 118 5030 or email us at to find out how we can hire our machinery to you.