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Your Operated Plant Hire FAQs Answered

Did you know that when you hire plant from us, you can also hire an expert operator to run it? It’s true. No more worrying, no more hiring permanent extra team members; just cool, calm, operated plant hire services from Rockthorn. 

So, are you interested? Maybe you’ve got a few more questions about what goes into this service, first. Well, in this post, we’re going to answer our frequently asked questions about operated plant hire, so you can be more in the know before you make your decision and give us a call.

Let’s start with an explanation of what operated plant hire actually is.

What is operated plant hire?

In short, operated plant hire is plant (your usual on-site machinery) available for hire along with a fully certified operator to use it. 

For example, if you don’t have someone on your team experienced in diggers, then you can hire an excavator operator to join your project alongside the excavator machine itself. 

Operated plant hire is incredibly useful for construction sites across the UK and beyond. It takes the stress away from site managers and engineers who worry over having to hire a full-time operator for their crew for just one project.

Are the operators certified?

Yes, all of the operators we send alongside the hired plant are certified to operate the machinery. If you’d like to know which certifications they hold, let us know and we’ll provide you with the info.

What kind of training do the operators have? 

Each different machine and vehicle requires different training, so the certification types will vary from operator to operator. To find out the training of the operators who can be hired alongside your plant, give us a call.

Where do you find the machine operators? 

We turn to our top-quality suppliers who provide the best operators and plant around. These suppliers either have employed operators on their teams or source operators and drivers from trusted agencies.

Does the operator arrive on-site with the plant?

We ask the operator to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the plant arriving. This is done so that you can meet the operator or driver and complete a site induction before getting stuck in.

What are some typical projects that operated plant hire is used for? 

There are really no areas that we haven’t seen benefit from machinery and vehicles hired alongside professional operators. In the past year, we’ve had clients using operated plant hire for archaeological digs, geotechnical surveys, and even unexploded ordnance and unexploded bomb detection and clearance.

Operated plant hire from Rockthorn

No matter the size or scale of your project, vehicle and machinery hire can save you the task of hiring full-time to your team unnecessarily. Each operator is highly skilled, from dumper to telehandler operators, all ready to help you kick your job into gear. 

If you have any questions about machine operators that we haven’t answered, just give us a call. Our friendly team of experts is on hand to give you all the details on our operated plant hire service, including certifications, liability, and timings. We won’t be able to tell you if the operator prefers tea or coffee, but you can find that out when you meet them.

Call us on 0330 118 5030, or use our website live chat during work hours for speedy answers whenever any questions come to you.