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Women Rockthorn construction

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Celebrating women in construction, but not just for the week.

Women in Construction week 2023 is here, and we are marking the occasion with a dedicated campaign that shines the spotlight on talented and highly skilled females within the construction industry that are playing crucial roles not only for construction, but for the future generation of construction workers.

What is it?

WIC Week, or Women in Construction Week, celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. And it may come as a surprise, but this is by no means the latest generation Z trend. The first WIC Week was in 1998 and continues to grow and expand every year since, and with more and more companies becoming aware of the inequality and discrimination within the industry, it’s a movement that isn’t going anywhere.

Women Rock Construction – spread the word

It’s no secret that the construction industry is one of the most male dominated industries in the world. According to research from the Women in Construction Summit, women currently make up around 11% of construction industry professionals, but it’s not just the imbalance that’s the problem, it’s the discrimination and stereotype that comes along with it.

With so many female construction workers not being taken seriously, it’s about time we dig up this stereotype once and for all. Don’t get us wrong, we know this won’t go away overnight, but by addressing the challenges women in the industry face and recognising the value that women can bring to the workforce, we hope be can play our very small part in changing the story and inspire other companies to also take action, and most importantly, help to inspire the next generation of women in construction.

Companies and individuals – If you are interested in getting involved and supporting the Women Rock Construction campaign – We’d love to hear from you! Contact to find out how you can get involved and help spread the message.