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Attachments to consider for your next project

No lone piece of plant equipment can tackle all of the demands that a project site can throw at you. Additionally, with the large range of equipment that is available to hire it can sometimes feel a little daunting being faced with deciding on the right machinery to tackle the task. This can especially be the case when deciding which excavator attachments to hire, as there are a lot to choose from. That’s where we roll in! Here we have listed some excavator attachments that you should consider for your next project, with this extra insight we hope that your decision can be made with confidence.

Pallet Fork Attachment:

This attachment is great for transporting goods, materials and equipment. This option is great for if you don’t have a telehandler on site, they are the perfect substitute as they are quick and simple to attach, anyone can do it. They also cost less to hire than a telehandler, so if the budget is tight and you need a few things moved around, consider using a pallet fork attachment.

Selector Grab Attachment:

This tool is great for sorting materials and any demolition on site and provides an easy use for handling more difficult items. This can also be used for loading and unloading materials on site, giving your team a well earned rest and time for a cuppa! This is definitely something to consider having on site if you expect a lot of debris to be scattered in places it’s not supposed to be, or even if you just want to pretend you’re playing an arcade game, this attachment has you covered!

Breaker Attachment:

Need to let out some anger and break something? Although we do not recommend using it for this reason, the breaker attachment is the best way to break up concrete or tarmac. A benefit of this attachment is that it doesn’t make as much noise as you may think, so it is ideal for use when on a sound sensitive site along with the cushion dampener that reduces recoil and vibrations!

Earth Drill Auger Attachment:

Take your gardening to the next level with this attachment which is ideal for landscaping, gardening or any work in the agricultural industry. With the unpredictability of the ground below us this is one of the most relied upon earth drilling tools, with the drill working efficiently over a long period of time. 

Compaction Plate Attachment:

Can you fix it? Yes… but it will require some flattening first! Working with this attachment is quick and efficient and is perfect for compacting soil, embankments and even trenches. We all know that compacting comes with the risk of hand-arm vibrations, coming to the rescue is the compaction plate attachment suitable for an excavator. With this attachment you can work knowing that you are doing so safely.

Here at Rockthorn we have all of the attachments listed above rearing and ready for hire! We work to help you get the job done in as many ways as we can, so we offer delivery to you across the whole of the UK. If more information is required on any of these excavator attachments then give us a call on 0330 118 5030 or email us at to find out how we can help you.