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Agricultural work – machinery to ensure you’re outstanding in your field

Construction sites are a common thought when you picture plant machinery, but agriculture is an industry that relies heavily on plant equipment to operate. The UK is home to a large proportion of farmlands, especially in Norfolk. A great majority of Norfolk’s land is devoted to farming, and interestingly, a lot of our plant machinery is used on this land. In this blog we have listed some of the most commonly used plant machinery for agricultural work, and why these machines are so useful to the industry.

Backhoe Loader:

Backhoe loaders are machines that are not absolutely necessary for running your farm, but once you have used one, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it! 

These are versatile machines, useful for many chores on the farm and result in quicker, easier and more efficient completion times. They can be used for tasks on a farm such as digging holes for barn or anchor posts, tree transplanting, digging out old stumps and even moving large objects such as rocks or boulders. A backhoe loader is a valuable piece of machinery as it can be used for multiple purposes, making it more cost effective, as you won’t need to hire as many machines.

Diesel Bowser:

While working in the agricultural industry, you may often find yourself in the middle of a large field, with all the necessary resources being located on the other side of the land. Having resources such as fuel located within walking distance can save valuable time. Having a handy storage container, such as a diesel bowser, on hand is a must. Storing fuel on site can also result in greater savings in the long run, having a bowser nearby means there will be less traveling involved when needing to fill up, resulting in less fuel wastage.


Used for flattening land or breaking up large mounds of soil, rollers are a necessity for working on farmland. On larger spaces of land, these practical rollers are most commonly pulled by tractors. But for slightly smaller and compact areas of land, a ride on roller is a great way to make sure all the land is correctly attended to, with the added bonus of the ride on feature, meaning you have complete control.

For agricultural use, rollers prepare soil for optimal seedbeds as the land is rolled flat and firmed for the plantation. It is important to make sure the land is flat before planting seeds as it is an easy way to control average seed planting depth, this is also helpful for controlling weeds. A ride on roller is a great piece of plant equipment to use, with multiple benefits attached, easier planting, flatter soil and complete control.

Telescopic Handler:

The tele-handler has the ability to be equipped with a number of different accessories and attachments for specific tasks, such as buckets, forks, tipping skips, hook attachments and many more. This feature makes the telescopic handler a valuable vehicle for the best use of time management and efficiency on any farm. 

Perfect for moving hay bales or moving buckets of feed, the attachments available are great for getting a job done fast. Similarly to the backhoe loader, this piece of equipment can save on overall costs, as this is a highly versatile machine. As well as this, the telescopic handler is smaller than many other machines that serve a similar purpose so it can be stored in a compact place, out of the way of the day to day movements of farmlife. 

Lighting Tower:

A useful piece of equipment for all outside work, including agriculture, a lighting tower is a valuable tool for when you need to carry on working once the sun has set. Lighting towers are the backbone for outside work and illuminate land when you need to work after dark, these can be rotated and relocated for your convenience. On stretches of land such as farmland, there are limited places for lighting to be situated, a lighting tower can provide a solution to this, creating that much needed lighting for locations further afield. 

Wherever you are located for agricultural work, Rockthorn can provide you with the machinery you require. Whether you are working alone, or with a large crew, give us a call on 0330 118 5030 or email us at for advice on what machinery would be best suited for your work.